LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. — Prosecutors in former Limestone County sheriff Mike Blakely’s theft and ethics trial want him to stay in jail, now that he’s been convicted. The defense says it’s customary for those convicted to be allowed to remain on bond.

The state filed a document in Limestone County Circuit Court Tuesday morning opposing Blakely’s motion for bond.

A few hours later, the defense filed a motion asking the court to deny the state’s opposition to bond.

Blakely had been out on a $49,000 bond until he was convicted Monday.

Prosecutors argued in their filing that it is standard practice in Limestone County to deny bond to defendants who have been found guilty but have not been sentenced yet.

The defense argued in their filing the opposite, “Contrary to the State’s position, it is customary for convicted individuals to remain on bond, or to be given a new bond subsequent to finding of guilt, and prior to the sentencing of a defendant in Limestone County, Alabama.”

Blakely was found guilty Monday of felony theft and use of an official position or office for personal gain, which is also a felony. The convictions resulted in Blakely’s removal from office. He was found not guilty on eight other counts.

Blakely’s attorneys said in their motion for bond that he has strong ties and family in the community and is not a flight risk.

Limestone County Coroner Mike West is assuming the sheriff’s duties until Gov. Kay Ivey appoints a replacement.

West said Blakely was in medical isolation at the jail Tuesday to keep him away from the general population.

Mike Blakely is set to be sentenced on August 20, at 10 a.m.