Sheriff Mike Blakely being tested for COVID-19; Counsel asking for continuance


LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – A motion to continue was filed Friday afternoon stating that Sheriff Blakely is currently in the hospital with a serious respiratory condition. Court records show he has been tested for COVID-19.

Blakely’s legal team is asking for a continuance because the doctors say he will not be able to attend his trial on Monday. A special meeting will be held on Saturday morning at the Limestone County Courthouse between the attorneys involved and the attending physician.

Prosecutors also asked a judge Friday to dismiss one of Blakely’s third-degree theft counts and one count of using his official position for personal gain.

Judge Pride Tompkins granted the motion to dismiss the two charges on Friday.

Those two counts alleged the Blakely took money from the Limestone County Sheriff Law Enforcement Fund for himself. A reason for dropping the counts was not given, but the motion submitted Friday in Limestone County Circuit Court asks that the charges be dismissed without prejudice, meaning they could be brought back up at a later time.

Prosecutors also submitted a motion asking that witnesses and attorneys be barred from mentioning during trial that the two charges were dropped.

Blakely will still face 11 other counts of theft and misusing his office for personal gain.

Blakely, who has been fighting to have his trial delayed due to his attorney having medical issues recently, filed another motion Friday to try and have his trial date pushed back.

At this time, the trial is still set to begin March 9.

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