Probate court of Madison County moves to new Service Center


MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – If you’re trying to get a passport or marriage affidavit this week you’re going to have to wait until at least Friday. The Probate Court of Madison County is moving for the first time in 50 years!

The court itself is not closed; critical business issues like real estate are being resolved and attorneys can still file on behalf of their clients.

As for the move, boxes are packed and getting delivered to the new Madison County service center on Memorial Parkway.

Probate judge Frank Barger says the move is huge, with hundreds of boxes of records having to be relocated, but Barger said the move is definitely worth it.

“The great majority of the offices that are in the current courthouse are operating in limited space. I have staff working double to a cubicle in some cases, so this will not only change how we operate internally, but certainly improve how we serve the general public,” Judge Barger said.

Barger went on to say he is really looking forward to having his own office for the first time in awhile, since he gave it up to another staff member two years ago.

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