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UPDATE:   Congratulations are in order for staff and students of Priceville Elementary School in Morgan County, who found out Thursday, the school has been named the 34th “Lighthouse” School in the world for success implementing a unique style of teaching.  WHNT NEWS 19 told you about the approach Wednesday.  At that point, we were told it would take the surveying team six to eight weeks to make a decision after visiting the school this week.  But representatives of the Franklin Covey Company, which advocate the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” approach, announced the decision at a education symposium at Athens State University.  About 100 people visited the Priceville Elementary School Thursday afternoon to see how it all works.  Read on for WHNT NEWS 19’s original story on the school:

PRICEVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – There’s an elementary school in North Alabama where children are taught a special language that educators believe will benefit them well into adulthood.

And they’re picking it up so well, the school is up for a special award, given out to only a few dozen schools around the world.

The children are taught in everyday English, but they are learning a unique language.

“They’re going to hear it for many many years and hopefully when they get grown, they’ll remember these things and apply it to their lives.” said Anne Knowlton, Principal for Priceville Elementary School.

The language is that of the Franklin Covey Company which promotes the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  Those include strategies for achieving goals, respect for others, and achieving balance in work and play.

The faculty went through training three years ago to be able to teach the approach to their students and they say it’s working.

“A little boy named Zack, yesterday, he saw a spill in the cafeteria and without being asked went and got the mop and cleaned it up,” recalled Knowlton.  “I mean that’s what we’re all about: doing the right thing.”

This week, company consultants visited the school.

“We were greeted by students who had handshakes and good eye contact and words like ‘Welcome to our school’, said Franklin Covey Consultant Jane Knight.  “We’re hearing the kids use the language.  We’re watching the kids interact with each other in ways that show kindness and respect.”

Those are just the kind of things the consultants needed to see as they consider honoring the school with a special award for excellence in implementing the program.

That award is being named a “Lighthouse School”, which celebrates high excellence and success with the Seven Habits approach.

Knowlton said they’ll find out within eight weeks if they’ve earned the recognition.