Price of Forever Stamps to increase soon

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With the ever-increasing presence on the Internet, a nice piece of “snail mail” can go a long way. If you are fan of writing letters or have a pen pal, you may want to stock up on stamps soon.

The United States Postal Service will increase the price for Forever Stamps by five cents at the end of January.

The price for a stamp was $0.50 but the 10% increase brings the price to $0.55.

Priority mail will also increase in price on Jan. 27.

USA Today reports the most notable changes:

  • First-class mail letter (1 ounce) will go up to 55 cents: The nickel increase is the largest percentage rise since 1991, when postage increased from 25 to 29 cents.
  • Additional letter ounce costs will decrease: Each additional ounce will drop from 21 cents to 15 cents. Mailing a 2-ounce letter, a wedding invitation’s typical weight, will cost 70 cents instead of 71 cents.
  • Postcard rates will remain the same: Mailing a postcard will run travelers 35 cents.
  • Priority Mail prices will jump: A small box that previously cost $7.20 will rise to $7.90, while a medium box will jump from $13.65 to $14.35.
  • Priority Mail Express fees will increase: Those looking to ship an envelope ASAP can expect to pay $25.50 instead of $24.70.

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