Predicting the future of Huntsville’s city hall building

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Huntsville's city hall will likely be rebuilt at a different site a few years from now, Mayor Tommy Battle told WHNT News 19.

The Huntsville Municipal Complex is basically Huntsville's front door. It's long been home to the government that powers the Rocket City.

"This building is 50 to 60 years old," commented Mayor Tommy Battle.

But that's the reason why it's nearing the end of its life span. The city's crews have done just about as much as they can to keep affordably repairing it, Battle explained.

"We are trying to get all the economic life we can out of it, but we are getting towards the end," he said.

That's why, in the update to Huntsville's Downtown Master Plan, there will likely be a plan for a new city hall.

"How can we bring all of our departments together? Quit leasing space at other places?" Battle asked, suggesting that a new building with a more efficient use of space seems to be the answer. "How to rebuild city hall, where to rebuild city hall."

The trick, though, will be finding the right place to build.

"We will stay in the downtown core, but we've got several spots we've been looking at," said Battle, noting they won't be choosing a site for a while.

But what happens to the old site once the staff and departments are all settled into a new spot?

"Likely, it becomes part of Big Spring Park," said Battle. "That's one of the mainstays I've had out of all the conversations. We may be able to add to the park. There are a lot of great elevations here. You could sit up here and look out over the park."

Battle says it's still going to be a while before this dream becomes reality, though.

"It's not something that will happen tomorrow, it's not something that will happen next month," he said. "But, we're getting ready for the inevitable. When you know that's coming, you need to go ahead and address it at this time and start making the moves, so when it's time to make a move we can start doing it. We are starting to try to define our process."

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