Poppy & Parliament adds kitchen and cocktail bar


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – During a time when international travel is difficult. One local bar and restaurant is working to provide an international taste and vibe in Huntsville.

Usually, people stop by The Poppy and Parliament in downtown Huntsville for a drink, but now there’s more to offer. The pub recently opened it’s kitchen.

“This kind of gives an outlet in Alabama in Huntsville that you’re kind of leaving Huntsville a little bit you’re stepping into a different world,” said Kristen Caroselli, Executive Chef and General Manager.

“The food hopefully can remind everyone from overseas of what they’re used to back home,” she said.

Offering foreigners a taste of home and locals a new experience through the European style menu.

“Especially during a pandemic when you can’t travel, when you can’t really go anywhere and explore something new,” said Caroselli.

The pub offers dishes like bangers and mash, fish and chips, and French onion soup.

They also recently opened a new cocktail bar on the second floor or the building, they call it the Mezzanine lounge.

“It’s very cozy, it’s like stepping into someone’s living room and it has a very different feel than the rest of the pub,” she said.

Also in the works – the addition of a gourmet store and butcher shop.

Caroselli wants to remind people that there’s also an option for take-out, for those not comfortable dining in.

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