BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WHNT) – After incumbent governor Kay Ivey was announced as the winner on Tuesday by a wide margin, Yolanda Flowers and her supporters at New Beginning Christian Ministry were not ready to concede. 

During her brief speech, Flowers did however mention the lack of support from voters this election. As the first woman of color to win a party vote to run for governor, Flowers says she was disappointed at particularly the lack of the Black vote.  

News 19 has been reporting on the troubles within the Democratic Party that fail to concentrate on voter support for candidates during this election cycle. Flowers handily won the primary election in July over Malika Sanders-Fortier.  

During her speech, she thanked the Alabama NAACP for getting behind her and donating to her campaign. She had stern words for democratic party chairman Randi Kelly, who was one of those that did not back her campaign.  

Flowers and her supporters remained at the campaign headquarters hopeful for a voter count in her favor.  

“You don’t concede defeat until the fat lady sings. I don’t know where that phrase comes from but it’s fitting, and we are not conceding until the final votes have been counted. I’m still hopeful because votes are still coming in although she has a significant margin,” Flowers said.

Flowers ran her campaign on her own as a person with no political experience. Her supporters at New Beginning are in full support of her efforts.