ALABAMA (WHNT) — Gubernatorial Democrats Yolanda Flowers and Malika Sanders-Fortier are facing off in the primary runoff. Both candidates recently held a Facebook debate to boost their campaign to rebuild Alabama. 

Both candidates say they understand that the Democrats last won the governorship in 1998 when Don Siegelman won a decisive victory over incumbent Fob James.  

Both challengers will not only become a part of the first-ever all-female race for Alabama governor but will also become the first Black person to win a major party’s gubernatorial nomination in the Democratic runoff. 

“We see that blessed hope. we see that light at the end of the term,” said Yolanda Flowers, a former educator from Birmingham who narrowly led a six-person Democratic field in the May primary. 

Flowers believes that her platform of reconstructing Alabama which includes education and health care among other things – is strong enough for her to serve as governor.

“What I love about the Democratic Party now that it has shifted is that we are for everybody. Not just one sect. Not just for one race or ethnic group. We’re for everybody,” Flowers told News 19.

During the election primary in May, Flowers, with no political experience, was able to pull over 2,000 more votes than her opponent Malika Sanders Fortier, a freshman member of the Alabama Senate.

In the face of financial challenges, Fortier has served the Selma area as a state lawmaker for several years. 

“Selma is so beloved to me, and the Black Belt of Alabama… has contributed so much to our state,” Sanders-Fortier said. “Yet it still has many challenges. We have those kinds of challenges and I have tackled that situation in our area by working in a bipartisan manner to expand industry in our area so that more people could have jobs and I wanted to make sure that they paid a living wage.”

The winner of Tuesday’s runoff will face Governor Kay Ivey in November.