Virtual mayoral forums held to help voters make informed decisions at the polls

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SHEFFIELD, Ala. — Municipal elections are almost here, and a young professionals organization wants to make sure voters are well-informed about each candidate.

NextGen Shoals is a component of the Shoals Chamber of Commerce. It has its own board that operates separately from the chamber and Olivia Bradford acts as the liaison between the two to connect for various NextGen events, like the virtual mayoral forums.

“NextGen Shoals partnered with the Shoals Chamber’s Vote 2020 campaign to promote voting—educated voting across the Shoals,” Bradford said.

Mayoral candidates from all four of the quad cities are participating, with Sheffield’s forum happening Tuesday night. With five candidates, this election is drawing more attention than normal since Sheffield Mayor Ian Sanford has chosen not to run for re-election.

“There could be a totally new leadership in each city so mayors and city council—it could be huge,” Bradford said.

Huge and overwhelming, which is why the Shoals Chamber has created a new website, Who’s Who Shoals. The site will serve as a one-stop shop for information on all elected officials who serve the Shoals.

“The Who’s Who Shoals website now, is functioning as a resource for voters,” Bradford said. “It has all of the candidates and their platforms, all of their stories, their Facebook, their Instagram.” It has any and all information voters need to know to make informed decisions when they head to the polls.

To view the Sheffield mayoral forum at 7 p.m., click here.

To view the Who’s Who Shoals website for information on candidates in the quad cities, click here.

Municipal elections are on August 25.

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