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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – The Athens Limestone Republican Women’s Club hosted a forum for the public to get the know the candidates running for Limestone County Sheriff. Each candidate had 15 minutes to make remarks, then the group took questions from the public.

The six people listed on the ballot for Limestone County Sheriff are:
Joshua Mclaughlin (R)
Fred Sloss (R)
Eric Redd (R)
Jeffrey Kilpatrick (R)
Chris Carter (R)
Randy King (I)

Joshua McLaughlin is the incumbent. He was appointed sheriff by Governor Kay Ivey in September of 2021.
He plans to focus on relationships with other local agencies and create task forces to help with solving crimes. He says they also need more deputies and specialized investigators.

Fred Sloss worked at the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office as Chief Deputy and retired after 25 years of service. He says he plans to outwork the criminals and will focus on making Limestone County the safest county in Alabama.

Eric Redd served in the U.S. Army. He says his focus would be on the sheriff’s office budget.

Jeffrey Kilpatrick currently works as a Limestone County Sheriff’s Office as an investigator and has been with the department for 10 years. He would focus on adding deputies to aid the current shortage. He also highlights the need to fight drugs in the county.

Chris Carter is a retired Alabama State Trooper who worked his way up to be a post commander over 25 years of service. He says he’s an outsider with no ties to the current sheriff’s office and would offer the county a chance to start fresh. His priorities are generating funding, fighting drugs and the crimes that come along with it. As well as connecting the sheriff’s office with the community.

Randy King is a retired Chief Deputy from the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office. He is running as an independent and was not in attendance at the Republican Women’s forum.