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ALABAMA (WHNT) – In the wake of the 2020 election, voters across the nation questioned the validity and security of elections. In Alabama, election integrity is once again a topic among candidates that will appear on the primary ballot.

Rep. Mo Brooks, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, stood alongside former President Trump last January and contested the 2020 elections.

“On January 6th, I proudly stood with President Trump in the fight against election fraud,” said Brooks in a recent campaign ad.

Four Republicans are running to potentially succeed current Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, and all have mentioned election security along the campaign trail.

“A lot of people are talking about election integrity, but I’m the only one talking about how to penalize the people that try to undermine our system,” said secretary of state candidate Ed Packard.

However, Merrill said Alabama voters can expect secure 2022 elections.

“We’re going to follow the same practices and procedures and laws over the last several years including those that were passed in this election cycle during the last legislative session,” Merrill said. “We’re going to ensure that we have safe and secure elections that are transparent and accountable in Alabama.”

Alabama is one of 35 states that require voters to show a photo ID at the polls. The state also does not offer early voting. Absentee ballots require two witness signatures or notarization, and since 2020, Alabama has scaled back absentee voting eligibility.

Merrill said whether you vote in person or via absentee, a big part of maintaining election security involves confirming voter identification.

“Each and every person has to present a valid photo ID, their name has to appear on the voter rolls as they’re checked in through the electronic poll books,” Merrill said. “As they’re checked in at each polling site or if they’re checked in through the absentee process, all those requirements have to be met. Of course, each and every polling site has to be secure.”

For those without a photo ID to present on election day, the state will provide a free voter ID card.

You can access an application here.

The Alabama primary election will take place on May 24.