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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — The race to replace House Speaker Mac McCutcheon is on with two Republicans and one Democrat vying for the open seat. The seat, labeled House District 25, covers parts of Huntsville and Madison.

McCutcheon has served in the legislature as the House District 25 representative for 16 years. It’s his first and only position as an elected official.

McCutcheon said he’s retiring to spend more time with his family and travel with his wife, but now three people are going for his job.

“People talked about schools, roads, they talked about everything and I told my wife, ‘If we want to consider serving maybe this would be a good route to go’,” McCutcheon told News 19. “I wanted to get involved in leadership because I knew that if we could get involved in some type of leadership role it would be good for our area.”

During his tenure, McCutcheon served as Chairman of the House Rules Committee between 2012 and 2016 before he was elected speaker. He was re-elected to the top job in 2019.

He said serving as the House Speaker has been an honor.

“When you’re Speaker of the House, there is a lot of power in the gavel,” McCutcheon said. “As Speaker, and relating to that community, any issue that we have up here is of course important to me because this is my district up here, therefore, it gets into the process to at least be considered. I want to say it that way, not to be done, but at least considered. For that, it’s been helpful for our area.”

McCutcheon said he believes his accomplishments include improved taxpayer accountability, better job opportunities, infrastructure improvements, balanced state budgets, and a pro-business environment.

He said the district need a representative that will advocate for local needs in Montgomery.

“The new representative for that area needs to be very open-minded to the district and look at the growth that is happening, and work with the local elected officials to make sure we take care of those things that are important,” McCutcheon.

The two Republicans running are Phillip Rigsby and Buck Clemons. Whoever wins the primary will face off against Democrat Mallory Hagan.