Jeff Sessions calls on voters to look at his record ahead of runoff election

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*Tommy Tubervill’s campaign declined to participate in this story*

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – It’s no secret Jeff Sessions and President Trump remain at odds, however Sessions is not allowing the ordeal to stop him from taking on former Auburn had football coach Tommy Tuberville.

“We are taking a chance when you launch somebody that you hardly knew that passed through Alabama. That has his beach house in Florida. We don’t really know this person. You know me!” said Sessions.

At the core of this runoff, you have an experienced politician taking on a former football coach with no history in politics. Sessions believes he can maximize his time should he return to the U.S. Senate by simply jumping back into a world he’s familiar with.

“I’ll say this directly to the people of North Alabama. Did I fail to work everyday to protect Huntsville’s interests? Redstone, Toyota and Mazda and all those plants that we worked together on. The FBI that, I as attorney general helped to bring here,” said Sessions.

As stated at the top of this article, Tommy Tuberville’s campaign declined to comment and remains quiet as Sessions speaks out against Tuberville. However, both campaigns are starting to ramp up their attack ads on TV and radio.

Sessions has asked for a debate. Tuberville has declined. Sessions believes voters deserve to see the two on the same stage before voters head to the polls.

“I think he is afraid to debate. He is is glib, he is a football coach and he can talk. I think it’s the issues not learned during this campaign that he doesn’t seem particularly interested in,” said Sessions.

Recent polling shows Sessions closing a gap, but still remains behind Tuberville. A recent Session ordered poll showed 8 percent of voters remain undecided.

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