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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – A recent New York Times and Associated Press report detailed less than one-third of Tommy Tuberville Foundation funds left the organization and ended up in the hands of veterans. Tuberville’s campaign denies this and claims the IRS reporting documents do not show the full picture.

Tax documents show Tuberville held golf tournaments which paid for themselves. In 2017 and 2018 the foundation reported profits exceeding $40,000 with expenses/distributions to veterans never exceeding $5,000. Tuberville has campaigned frequently on veteran issues. Tuberville says his salary will go to veterans. His father stormed the beaches of Normandy.

Senator Doug Jones was quick to respond to the report.

“Maybe the veterans got short changed because Tommy wanted to run for governor or the senate,” said Senator Jones. He added, “This is not public service. He is not a public servant. This is just someone that’s doing this for his own benefit. He’s the swamp that’s taking care of it itself.”

This is the statement from the Tuberville Campaign:

“The national news media is manufacturing fake narratives and working hand-in-glove with the Doug Jones campaign to try to salvage his failing candidacy and divert attention away from his pro-abortion, anti-gun, and open border Senate voting record. Despite widespread support for her nomination across Alabama, Doug Jones has refused to meet or speak with Judge Amy Coney Barrett and announced he was voting against her confirmation even before her hearings began. Ever since becoming placeholder senator, Doug Jones has opposed everything that most Alabamians support and supported everything that most Alabamians oppose. It’s time we had a U.S. senator who represented our conservative Alabama values, not the liberal Hollywood and New York values of Doug Jones’s high-dollar, out-of-state campaign donors.” 

This isn’t the first time Tuberville has faced questions about his financial dealings. Tuberville has been tied to a few Ponzi Schemes in which friends of Tuberville’s faced criminal charges. Tuberville told News 19 in July he was a victim to people he trusted.

“This guy lost it. Plus he lost other people’s money. Of course, other people that lost money came back after who? A guy that had a job and was making money,” said Tuberville.

Senator Jones, also a non practicing lawyer says the legal situation speaks volumes. Tuberville settled the lawsuit with investors for an undisclosed amount of money.

“The victim does not pay another victim. There was a reason why he had to settle that lawsuit. Because of his own potential culpability,” said Senator Jones.

Below are tax documents from the Tommy Tuberville Foundation. Some of the documents leave questions which suggest the bookkeeping appeared to be a problem for the foundation.

Tommy Tuberville Tax Documents 2017

Tommy Tuberville Tax Documents 2018