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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A voting machine found dumped on the side road just outside of Savannah Thursday sparked much concern on social media. But the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office confirms it is outdated equipment.

Several photos of the machine were shared on Facebook of a voting machine lying in a grassy area. News 3 is told it was found near Blueberry Hill Bar on Dean Forest Road in Garden City and that a second machine had been found as well.

The photos have been shared nearly 2,000 times online, with some quickly making allegations surrounding voter fraud.

Local law enforcement was notified of the discovery along with the Georgia Secretary of State. The office says the device appears to be part of a shipment of defunct equipment being stored at the Port of Savannah.

“Machines of this type are no longer used in Georgia,” a statement from the office reads. “There is no way it could have impacted the 2020 election because it does not print ballots, and this state has switched entirely to voting on paper ballots.”

It’s unclear at this time how the machine ended up on the side of the road. The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office says they are looking into it.