HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Alabama Senate Runoff candidate Katie Britt returned to the Rocket City to gather support Saturday morning, speaking to current and former Alabama National Guard servicemembers.

Britt finished the May primary in the lead with 45% of the vote, meaning she and North Alabama-based Representative Mo Brooks will face each other in a runoff June 21.

Britt has kept a consistent approach to topics she has recently spoken out about, including her decision to decline a televised debate with Brooks before the runoff.

“I would love the opportunity for a debate but unfortunately Congressman Brooks is more interested in creating a circus,” Britt told News 19. “We’ve been to every single county in this state. I am the only candidate in the entire race that’s done that, and certainly the only one in the runoff. And when we do that we sit down and meet people and listen to them, talk with them [and] answer questions. So we’re continuing to do that.”

During her speech at the event hosted by the Von Braun Center, Britt underlined conservative policies she believes will protect everyday Alabamians. She also acknowledged the need to strengthen voter turnout, which was a measly 23% in the May 24 primary.

“We need people telling people telling people, encouraging people to go vote,” she said. “So June 21 — you know a lot of people are used to voting in November but that’s not something that they’re typically used to doing in June. And so [we’re] making sure that people get out, that we continue to spread the word. We’re doing that via social media, we’re doing that on the airways here. We’re continuing to meet with voters, and we’re really hopeful that we can get a good turnout for June 21st.”

Britt added that her generation needs a voice in the Senate representing Alabama, and that Mo brooks hasn’t done enough in his time in Washington.

“Congressman Brooks has been in office for over 40 years, and yet, has nothing to show for it,” she said. “I think out of all of that, I think he has worked to rename a post office, which I appreciate but at this point in time in our nation, we need leaders who can actually work to create solutions and get something done.”

The Alabama National Guard combined conference also invited Rep. Brooks to speak. His speech will take place Saturday night.