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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – According to new polling data, U.S. Senate candidates Katie Britt and Mike Durant have established an early lead, and Congressman Mo Brooks will face an uphill battle as the race continues.

The poll, conducted over a three-day period last week, collected information from 500 respondents who intend to vote in the Republican primary election across the state of Alabama.

When asked, ‘If the primary election were held today among the following candidates, for whom would you vote?’ the respondents favored Durant 33.8%. Britt followed with 32%, and Brooks lagged behind with 17.6%. 16.6% of voters remain firmly undecided.

The Mo Brooks for Senate Campaign released a statement explaining Brooks’ poor performance in the poll:

The only polls showing Katie Britt ahead of Mo Brooks are paid for by her campaign or special interest groups endorsing her. It’s sad the lengths Britt’s campaign is willing to go to deceive Alabama voters. Mo Brooks has been endorsed by Donald Trump because Mo’s the only actual conservative in this race, and that’s why he’s going to win. 

Mo Brooks for Senate Campaign Spokesman Will Hampson

The poll was commissioned by ForestPAC, the political arm of the Alabama Forestry Association (AFA). Britt has received an endorsement from the AFA.

According to the poll, Brooks is the most recognizable name on the ballot with only 4.4% of voters never having heard of him. Britt and Durant were unfamiliar to about 10% of respondents. Despite having less statewide name recognition, Britt and Durant have higher favorability ratings.

48.8% of respondents had a favorable opinion of Britt, and 52.2% had a favorable opinion of Durant. Brooks again fell behind with a favorability rating of 37%.

Political analyst Jess Brown said Durant has a compelling story and campaign message.

“Durant points to that particular experience with Black Hawk Down,” Brown said. “It’s an emotional gut-wrenching kind of experience.”

Brown added, in upcoming weeks, Britt will have the opportunity to let voters get to know her better.

“We don’t know enough about her background or an aspect of her background,” Brown said.

Both the Britt and Durant campaigns also released statements to News 19 about the results.

Despite being outspent by millions of dollars in Mike Durant’s California-funded PAC ads, Katie is running neck-and-neck for the lead with 70 days left until the May 24 Republican primary. Her momentum is growing every day as she continues to run a high-energy, grassroots campaign in all 67 counties across Alabama. It is clear that Alabamians know that Katie will always put America first, fight tirelessly for our Christian conservative values, and preserve the American Dream for our children and our children’s children.

Britt Campain Spokesman Sean Ross

It’s no surprise that Mike Durant’s America First message is resonating with Alabamians across our great state. Mike’s running to stand up to the failing Biden administration because the career politicians won’t. Like President Trump and Coach Tuberville, Mike is a political outsider with real world experience to deliver for Alabama.

Mike Durant’s Campaign Spokesman Scott Stone

98% of respondents identified themselves as white, and three-fourths said they are Christians. The age of respondents skewed towards older voters with 16% over the age of 75 and 62% over the age of 56.