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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Candidates have a week left to campaign before next Tuesday’s primary elections here in Alabama and the highest-profile race on the ballot is the bid to replace longtime Alabama U.S. Senator Richard Shelby.

Shelby is retiring and his former aide Katie Britt, Huntsville-area U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks and former Blackhawk pilot and aerospace executive Mike Durant are the leading contenders to replace him. The three candidates are facing off in the GOP primary.

The Federal Election Commission requires candidates to file a pre-primary report which provides a snapshot of campaign contributions and spending in April.

Britt reports raising nearly $380,000 in April and spending $1.6 million.

Brooks reported raising $122,000 and spent just over $1 million in April and Durant raised $83 thousand dollars and spent $3.8 million.

Another number that stands out is Durant’s report that he loaned his campaign $2.6 million in April. That figure now means Durant has loaned his campaign $9.45 million overall.

Britt and Brooks both report no loans to their campaigns.

The reports show Durant has the most cash on hand, $3 million, Britt reports $2.78 million and Brooks reports $677,099 cash on hand.

A new poll being released Wednesday should provide a clearer picture on where the race stands, with about a week to.  News 19 will report on the results of a new statewide poll News 19 has commissioned along with The Hill and Emerson College.

Overall spending records show Durant has spent $6.9 million, Britt has spent $4.75 million and Brooks has spent $3.3 million through the end of April.