HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Election Day is less than a week away and candidates are making their last rounds in the community to rally votes. Two of those candidates spoke to News 19 Wednesday about how the Alabama Senate District 2 race is shaping up.

The race features current Republican incumbent Alabama Senator Tom Butler and Senate District 2 hopeful, Kim Lewis.

The candidates have differing backgrounds, Butler is a veteran politician, and Lewis is moving into politics from the business world. Even their experiences on the campaign trail have yielded a mix of concerns from area voters.

“I like public service, like serving other people,” Butler said.

“I’ve been truly involved in this community,” said Lewis.

Senator Butler has been in politics for nearly 40 years. Lewis is transitioning from entrepreneurship in her campaign bid and she says she’s learned a lot along the way.

“The concerns of the community depend on which area I’m talking to people in,” she said. “If I’m talking to a person that’s doing a nine to five common job, they’re concerned about their bottom line, how they’re going to have to make their monthly payments. If I’m talking to business owners, myself being a small business owner, they’re concerned about different taxes and stuff that the state puts on small businesses.”

Meanwhile, Butler says his sights are set on continuing efforts to make infrastructure better for the influx of people this area is seeing.

“We’ve got jobs coming in literally by the thousands. We got congested roads, which we’re working on. Governor Ivey came here and announced three road projects Highway 72, the most congested, and 53, I-565 widening though,” he said. “I’m very pleased that I may have the opportunity to continue working on those projects and helping us grow.”

Butler said he knows he has competition but he’s confident the voters will keep him in office, as they have term after term.

“My record speaks for itself,” he said. “It says that I’m a hard worker, I’m a productive, effective worker, and politics is politics. We’ll face the voters on November 8.”

Meanwhile, Lewis said it’s time for a fresh start and new beginnings in District 2.

“I think my opponent is truly a career politician,” she concluded. “He’s been in office now for over forty years. I think this community has grown and changed a lot in those forty years. I think we need to have new representation.”