Last-minute advice on submitting absentee ballots offered by Alabama Secretary of State

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Election Day is here! A record number of Alabamians submitted their absentee ballots, but for those who haven’t there are still some ways to get your vote in.

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill says over 300 thousand people have already submitted their absentee ballots.

“If you have your ballot in your hand and you can’t make it to the circuit clerk’s office today see if you can find a UPS or FedEx deliverer that will take will take it and return it by Tuesday at noon,” said Merrill.

At this hour, Merrill said the last thing voters should do is drop their absentee ballot in the mailbox. It won’t arrive in time to be counted. Merrill said you can also head to your designated polling location on Election Day.

“You will need to cast a provisional ballot. Now once they realize that your absentee ballot was not successfully returned, your provisional ballot will count as your vote for the candidate of your choice,” said Merrill.

Poll workers will begin unsealing and counting absentee ballots across the State at 7 A.M. on Election Day. For those who choose to head to the polls, Merrill says voters can expedite the process by having their IDs ready and knowing who they plan to vote for ahead of time.

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