MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) — Tuesday’s general election ballot includes more than just races for governor, attorney general, and U.S. Senate. The “more” this fall includes 10 proposed amendments to the Alabama Constitution.

News 19 is taking a closer look at those amendments ahead of Election Day.

Amendment 5 cleans up some of the constitution’s antiquated language, according to the bill’s sponsor. It relates to probate judges’ powers. The law won’t change those powers; however, the phrase “orphan’s business” — which no one seems to know what it means — will be removed.

Here’s what will appear on the ballot for Amendment 5:

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to delete a provision giving the probate court of each county general jurisdiction over orphan’s business.”

Amendment 5

That language is going away.

Amendment 4 deals with election rule changes, saying, “The implementation date for any bill enacted by the legislature in a calendar year in which a general election is set to be held and relating to the conduct of the general election shall be at least six months before the general election.”

Rep. Jim Carns (R-Birmingham), Amendment 4’s sponsor, said the measure is aimed at having an orderly process for changing voting laws, related to issues like absentee ballot deadlines and locations for ballot drop boxes.

In 2020, some voting rules were changed in Alabama due to COVID-19.

Carns said amendment supporters want that process to take place at least six months before an election.