6 statewide amendments to appear on Nov. 3 ballot

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Amendment 1

Bill Sponsor: Senator Marsh

Amendment one proposes that only U.S. citizens be granted the right to vote. According to the Fair Ballot Commission, every citizen who meets certain requirements is allowed to vote. If voters vote yes, only citizens that meet the requirements will be granted the right to vote.

Amendment 2

Bill Sponsor: Senator Orr
Cosponsor: Senator Ward

Amendment two proposes changes to the state’s judicial system. If approved, the amendment would:

  • Provides that county district courts do not have to hold city court in a city with a population of less than 1,000;
  • Allows the Alabama Supreme Court, rather than the Chief Justice, to appoint the Administrative Director of Courts;
  • Increases from 9 to 11 the total membership of the Judicial Inquiry Commission and determines who appoints each member (the Judicial Inquiry Commission evaluates ethics complaints filed against judges);
  • Allows the Governor, rather than the Lieutenant Governor, to appoint a member of the Court of the Judiciary (the Court of the Judiciary hears complaints filed by the Judicial Inquiry Commission);
  • Prevents a judge from being automatically disqualified from holding office simply because a complaint was filed with the Judiciary Inquiry Commission; and
  • Provides that a judge can be removed from office only by the Court of the Judiciary

Amendment 3

Bill Sponsor: Representative Faulkner
Cosponsor: Representative Fridy

The proposed amendment would extend the time an appointed judge could fill a vacancy before facing election. If voters vote yes the amendment would change that initial term of the appointed judge to at least two years before they must run for election.

Amendement 4

Bill Sponsor: Representative Coleman
Cosponsors: Representatives McCutcheon, Hollis, Rafferty, Bracy, Alexander, Drummond, Moore (M), Rogers, McClammy, Clarke, Gray, Jackson, Warren, Hill and Wadsworth

Amendment four would allow for the Alabama Legislature to draft a rearranged version of the state constitution to remove racist and outdated language during its 2022 session. If the amendment is passed, the rearranged version of the constitution would have to be approved by voters.

Amendment 5

Proposed by Act No. 2019-194 (House Bill 536, 2019 Regular Legislative Session)
Bill Sponsor: Representative Kiel

Amendment five proposes for a special ‘Stand Your Ground’ law in the state constitution that applies to churches in Franklin County only. If voters vote yes, a person wouldn’t be liable for using deadly physical force in self-defense or in the defense of another person on the premises of a church under certain conditions.

Amendement 6

Proposed by Act No. 2019-193 (House Bill 461, 2019 Regular Legislative Session)
Bill Sponsor: Representative Greer
Cosponsors: Representatives Sorrell, Kiel and Pettus

Similar to amendment five, amendment six proposes also for a ‘Stand Your Ground’ law that applies to churches in Lauderdale County only.

For more information on the amendments, visit the Alabama Secretary of State website.

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