Who leaves office first in Alabama political tumult? It’s a three-horse race

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The three most powerful people in the three branches of state government — Governor Robert Bentley, Chief Justice Roy Moore and House Speaker Mike Hubbard — could all lose their jobs by the end of the year.  You could compare it to a three-horse race to see who loses their office first.

So, we did.  Watch:

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Horse 1: '23 Felony Counts'
Jockey: Speaker Mike Hubbard

Mike Hubbard sure seemed like the early front-runner to lose his spot as Speaker of the House.  A grand jury gave him the lead when they indicted him in October of 2014.  Now he's making a break for the finish line, with a trial date of May 16, but the whole thing could take months.  Numerous trial delays have narrowed his lead, too.

Horse 2: 'Articles of Impeachment'
Jockey: Governor Robert Bentley

The Alabama House gave Governor Bentley his own shot at the race when 23 members signed Articles of Impeachment against the governor, triggering an investigation.  Sources tell WHNT News 19 a timeline focuses on October for the possible impeachment hearings.

The investigation centers around allegations of misuse of state funds, primarily surrounding an alleged affair with the governor's Senior Political Advisor Rebekah Mason.

Horse 3: 'Ethics Complaint'
Jockey: Chief Justice Roy Moore

Making the late break in the race is Chief Justice Roy Moore.  The Southern Poverty Law Center filed an ethics complaint against Moore in January of 2015.

Moore had an attorney address it in April of 2016.

A source says if the ethics complaint goes to the court of the judiciary, it would likely take a few months to resolve, so here we are.

Of course, it's possible all three officials could serve the remainder of their terms.

Meanwhile, it seems like the people of Alabama are running in a distant last place.

By the way, we want to thank John Lies for doing the race call on the video above.  He is the race caller of Del Mar racetrack in California.  We also want to thank Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie out of Texas for the GoPro race video.

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