Vernon McCants’ campaign signs disappearing

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) –  Vernon McCants (D), running against Bob Harrison for the District 6 seat on the Madison County Commission, recently filed a police report after a number of his campaign signs vanished from the front yards of his supporters.

“I feel it’s impeding my First Amendment right of freedom of expression because I want to get his name out there as another candidate,” said support Chris Finch.

“I went to several different residents, over 15 different residents, and all of them were removed off Winchester and Meridian Street,” said McCants.

He had to replace the signs not once, but twice, after a second wave of alleged thefts.

“Fifty-five to sixty-five signs out of people’s yards have been taken,” said McCants.

So his solution is to simply make signs that are harder to steal.

“We have gotten some signs that won’t fit in the normal person’s car,” he explained. “So we’re going bigger, and going to put them in some of the main arteries.”

He says he refuses to let the alleged theft stop his campaign, and says no one can steal the support he’s received on social media and in the community.

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