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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – (WHNT) – A large group of college students gathered on UAH’s campus to watch the debate together.

The crowd was pretty evenly split between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters. The debate was shown on a movie-theater size screen and the crowd wasn’t afraid to be vocal when they heard something they enjoyed hearing about.

“I think Trump is one of those guys willing to make these hard decisions for our country,” says Austin Finley, the Chairman of UAH’s College Republicans organization.

“I think Hillary Clinton is the best prepared to be the President,” says Hadassah Phillips, the President of UAH’s College Democrats.

While they may differ on who they want as Commander in Chief, or who has a more effective debate style, the College Republicans and College Democrats can agree on at least one thing.

“We are the ones who are going to be affected probably the most by any of the policies,” says Phillips.

Tonight’s debate watch party served that role. There was popcorn at the door, and bingo cards with candidate one-liners on the table.  Students on both sides of the aisle weren’t afraid to vocally support their candidate.

Outside, students could register to vote, or pick up an absentee ballot. “Our table’s been really busy,” says Finley.

While both campus organizations have strong opinions on who they hope their classmates will support, both hope other young adults won’t be apathetic when November 8th rolls around.

“I think Hillary Clinton is probably one of the best candidates for the college voter because she’s the one that cares the most about college students,” says Phillips.

“We may not always agree but at the same time, this is important for everybody to come here and talk about issues,” says Finley.

Some of the lines that got the most applause from the crowd was when Hillary Clinton spoke about affordable options for college tuition, and when Donald Trump referenced lowering taxes.