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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Super Tuesday is in less than one week, and those that choose a Republican ballot during the primary election on March 3 will be able to cast a vote for one of seven candidates to run against incumbent Democrat Doug Jones.

One of those vying for the seat is Tommy Tuberville, who says he is the outsider of the group.

Many know him as Coach Tuberville. He was the head coach at several universities, including Auburn. He says being a fresh face in politics is something voters like, and the “other guys” are career politicians.

“They’re in a different lane,” said Tuberville. “You’ve got all the insiders, the career politicians, professional politicians, that’s all they’ve ever done. What have I done? I’ve had a job but I’ve been out and seen how people have lived and worked, and how good they’ve done it, and things where they’re suffering.”

Tuberville says the top three areas that are suffering are immigration, healthcare, and education.

“If I had a magic wand today, I’d tell the Department of Education to close your doors in Washington, D.C.,” said Tuberville. “I’d love for every state to have their own Department of Education because we are different than Oregon, or New York, or Texas. We want to educate our kids in the state of Alabama about values, about God, about civics, government, U.S. history. We want to know about capitalism, we could care less about socialism. Socialism doesn’t work!”

Many Republicans vying for the seat have similar views on gun rights, abortion, and President Trump so WHNT News 19 asked Tuberville: Does it matter who actually gets the seat?

“Oh yeah,” said Tuberville. “Oh, it matters. I’m not going to go up there and say I want to be a part of the club and the two-martini lunches, I’m not for special interests. I’m for the citizens of this state and this country.”

Tuberville is pushing the idea that his campaign is different than all the rest.

“If you want somebody that’s different, that’s going to take energy and going for the right reasons, that’s going to speak for the people of the state of Alabama, and fight for moral values and our constitution, and for President Trump, you’ve got him right here,” he said.

The Republican primary election is being held on March 3, 2020. You can find a sample ballot for each county in the Tennessee Valley by clicking here.