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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Super Tuesday is in less than one week, and those that choose a Republican ballot during the primary election on March 3 will be able to cast a vote for one of seven candidates to run against incumbent Democrat Doug Jones.

One of those vying for the seat is Jeff Sessions. “This is about the future,” said Sessions. “It’s not about the past, but I think you can look at my past.”

He served as the 84th U.S. Attorney General for a little more than a year before submitting his letter of resignation, at President Donald Trump’s request.

Before serving as Attorney General, Sessions served as Alabama’s junior U.S. senator from 1997- 2017 and the Attorney General of Alabama from 1994- 1996.

Because of his experience, WHNT News 19 asked Sessions: Do you think people are wanting a new face?

“Well, sometimes I think they might… but I have become really an advocate against the establishment, I think people know that,” said Sessions.

There are three main issues Sessions plans to fight:

  1. Illegal immigration – “The wall hasn’t been completed, the loopholes haven’t been closed, there are not sufficient personnel being able to handle the stress at the border.”
  2. Trade – “This country has been taken to the cleaners by unfair trading practices by our partners. We have the leverage to fix it.”
  3. Economy – “The first thing we should do is make sure American workers get a shot at these jobs and some of them need to be training. So I’ll be pushing as part of our education agenda: job training to educate young workers particularly, and those who dropped out of the labor force — they can come back in too.”

Sessions believes his experience in the U.S. Senate makes him the best person for the seat.

“I have been true to the promises I made to the people of Alabama,” said Sessions. “I truly believe right now that experience, because I knew exactly where these big issues are, that I can contribute more than the other candidates.”

He wants Alabama voters to hear: “I was faithful to you. I’m asking you now, people of Alabama, to support me again.”

The Republican primary election is being held on March 3, 2020. You can find a sample ballot for each county in the Tennessee Valley by clicking here.