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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Super Tuesday is in one week, and those that choose a Republican ballot during the primary election on March 3 will be able to cast a vote for one of seven candidates to run against incumbent Democrat Doug Jones.

One of those vying for the seat is Congressman Bradley Byrne, who says he has nothing against Doug Jones, but doesn’t think he’s voting the way Alabamians want him to vote.

From 2002 to 2007, Byrne served in the Alabama State Senate and he is currently a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Now he’s looking to switch chambers.

“You’re one of 100,” said Byrne. “Everybody is going to look to you to see where you stand on an issue and you’ve got more power, that’s just the way it is, as opposed to being one of 435 in the House.”

Byrne says the biggest issue he sees right now is immigration.

“Unlike Doug Jones, I’m going to vote for building the wall,” said Byrne. “Unlike Doug Jones, I’m going to put more customs and border patrol agents down there with more equipment for them to do their jobs. And unlike Doug Jones, I’m not going to vote for amnesty. Period.”

The top three issues facing Alabama he hopes to fix:

  1. “I think we need to continue the defense buildup for this country because that helps the footprints we have around the state.”
  2. “I think we need an infrastructure package. I’ve driven all over this state. We’ve got some road and bridge issues.”
  3. I think it’s very important that we continue to focus on getting good trade agreements.”
    Most Republicans in the race are pushing the fact that they support President Trump and his agenda.

“I support President Trump 97% of the time, but they need to hear from me about where I stand on the issues,” said Byrne. He adds the 3% where he may disagree with the president is on spending bills.

“This is a time where we need to be shrinking our spending,” said Byrne. “These are good economic times, so that we can shrink the deficit.”

Byrne wants voters to remember he is a “conservative, Christian fighter who votes for President Trump 97% of the time.” He says what makes him stick out among the candidates is experience.

“Some people talk about cleaning up a swamp, some people talk about taking on powerful special interests… I’ve done it,” said Byrne.

The Republican primary election is being held on March 3, 2020. You can find a sample ballot for each county in the Tennessee Valley by clicking here.