U.S. Sen. Doug Jones plans to return Rosie O’Donnell campaign donation that exceeded federal limits

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — U.S. Democratic Senator Doug Jones’ campaign said today it would return a $2,700 contribution from comedian Rosie O’Donnell that exceeded federal campaign spending limits for a single election.

Federal law allows a $2,700 contribution per race — say a primary and runoff — but O’Donnell’s listed Sept. 28 contributions came well after the Democratic primary in Alabama’s Special Election.

The issue was first flagged by the New York Post and the paper quoted O’Donnell saying she expected any contribution in excess of federal limits to be returned.

Through his campaign treasurer, Doug Turner, Jones issued the following statement today:

“Ms. O’Donnell made two separate contributions to the Jones campaign. Using the ActBlue online fundraising system, which does not automatically prevent over-the-limit donations, she contributed the maximum of $2,700 in late September 2017. Using the same online system, she contributed again the day before the election. The campaign will bring this situation into full compliance which, in this case, will be done with a refund of the amount over $2,700.”

Federal law includes penalties for campaign finance violations, but the Federal Election Commission website shows fines and settlements of campaign law violations average about $4,000.

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