Trump supporter and state representative explains his own concerns about immigration


Donald Trump
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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Representative Ed Henry (R- Hartselle) endorsed Donald Trump when the GOP frontrunner visited Mobile in August.  He’s not taking that back just yet.

“I need somebody in the White House that’s going to tell it like it is,” explained Henry in an interview Tuesday.

He’s sticking to his guns that Trump is the only person ready to, as he puts it, “take on Washington’s ruling class.”

“Donald Trump’s not taking any of that money, he’s outside that system, and he’s the only person I believe is going to go up there and kick them in the teeth and turn this country around,” said Henry.

Trump came under fire within his own party after recent controversial remarks about temporarily banning Muslims from entering the U.S.  Other Republican candidates, his rivals, have spoken out against his proposal. And White House spokesman Josh Earnest called Trump’s rhetoric “offensive and toxic,” deeming it harmful to the country and our national security.

Henry isn’t sure he quite agrees with it either.

“I don’t really know how you do that,” he said. “I don’t know what the procedure is. I think it would be an easier procedure to pause immigration period, than select out their faith.” He added, he believes the current immigration system isn’t working. Something needs to change, he said, to better screen who comes in and keep illegal immigrants out, before this country can work on addressing those already here.

“We should really fix the system before we open the doors,” he explained, “and right now we’re letting people in that we don’t know who they are, exactly where they come from or what their intentions are.” He said the intentions are the part that’s especially worrisome, and that’s where he thinks Trump was trying to make a point. But he expressed his own views: “We need to be cognizant of it. I do not believe all Muslims are bad, but I believe all terrorists [recently] have been Muslim.”

He doesn’t want to see anyone deprived of their rights. But Henry said he appreciates Trump’s direct language and matter-of-fact attitude when addressing touchy subjects.

“One thing I’ve seen out of Donald Trump? He’s ready to lead,” said Henry.

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