Trump campaign taps Alabama state rep behind Bentley impeachment effort for delegate fight in Cleveland

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HARTSELLE, Ala. - With Donald Trump's nomination as the GOP presidential candidate on the line, an Alabama state representative from Hartselle best-known for leading the impeachment effort against Governor Robert Bentley, says the campaign tapped him to take up the fight on the GOP Rules Committee.

The whole Trump candidacy might come down to those 112 people in Cleveland who make up the committee.

There's a push to get that committee to release the presidential delegates. The rule change would allow the delegates to vote for any candidate they want, instead of who the voters told them to support. If that happens, Trump could lose the nomination at the very last minute.

State Representative Ed Henry (R-Hartselle), a longtime Trump supporter, says that effort is the reason the Trump campaign approached him. Specifically, he says, "Senator Sessions reached out to me and said that, 'I believe the rules committee is going to be a fight this year, and I heard you were a fighter.' And I said, 'Yes, sir. I do enjoy a good fight.'"

With Trump's nomination on the line, Henry says he's already bombarded with emails from people all over the country trying to get him to support freeing the delegates. He tells us the debate starts Wednesday and could go straight through the start of the convention on Sunday.

"There will be a fight, because the entities that are Never Trump, that are free the delegates, they're strong. And they are working diligently to try and thwart this entire convention. And I'm ready to go and do battle."

He does, in fact, see it as a battle.

"Yeah, I'd give them probably a 40% chance of being able to [free the delegates]. I think it's less than half, but I think they have a definite movement going on."

Henry has his case prepared, "This is going to be my message to the rules committee over the next several days, if we betray that trust, we can hang up the Republican party ever being anything of significance again in this country."

He sees the convention as a possible turning point. "If they choose to not select Donald Trump, who has won the entire Republican primary race nationwide, if a handful of elitists manage to change the rules at the last second to take that away from the American people, it's over."

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