Trooper-turned-legislator Mike Ball offers perspective on budget and potential cuts

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) –  In the battle between legislators and State Troopers, Representative Mike Ball – a former trooper – has a unique perspective. But his outlook is bleak.

“We just have a lot of lose-lose situations going on here,” he told WHNT News 19. “There are lots of demands that are on the budget and there`s a strong reluctance to raise taxes. So, naturally something`s got to give.”

In Montgomery, budget proposals have largely depended on deep cuts to state agencies.

State Troopers continue to sound the alarm that it could cause lay offs and cut backs – to the tune of removing 100 troopers from the roads.
Ball responds, saying a slim trooper force is nothing new.

“I`ve been hearing those kinds of studies for a long time, and they often do often decline uniform personnel,” Ball said, recalling his time in uniform.

Ball says each department will have to figure out how to deal with the cuts in their own way, but adds the pain would be equally felt in other necessary departments, like mental health and forensic sciences.

“Forensic sciences get clogged up that creates logjam in the system, because they process the evidence law enforcement use and courts depend on.”

There`s really no silver lining in this story. Ball only reminds residents and department directors to keep in mind — this is just the beginning of the budget process. Nothing has been decided yet.


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