Statement From ADP Chair on Presidential Primary Results


Mark Kennedy, Alabama Democratic Party Chairman

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MONTGOMERY — Alabama Democratic Party Chair Mark Kennedy issued this statement about Tuesday’s Presidential Primary Results.  Rick Santorum won the primaries in Alabama and Mississippi.

MONTGOMERY — “Mitt Romney’s loss tonight is proof that Alabamians are just not buying what he’s selling and that he is not the right man for the job, despite carpet bombing the state with negative ads against his opponents. Romney has proven over and over that he will say anything to get elected, while ignoring what matters most to the American people, like jobs and security for the middle class.  

“In appearances across the state with his sidekick, Lt. Governor Kay Ivey, Romney again tried to pander for votes, embarrassingly trying to connect with Alabamians while continuing to support tax breaks for the rich, attacking women’s health, and providing no real blueprint for how he’ll create new American jobs.

“Romney continues to move further to the right in a desperate effort to be ‘severely conservative’ and appease Tea Party supporters, alienating independent and moderate voters along the way. If he becomes his party’s nominee, tonight’s loss proves it will come at a considerable cost heading into the general election. It’s obvious that Southern voters don’t care for Mitt Romney’s recipe for cheesy grits.”

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