UPDATE: 11th Circuit hears arguments in Siegelman bid for new trial



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ATLANTA (AP) – Lawyers for imprisoned former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, one of the last successful Democrats in a deeply red state, on Tuesday argued that his trial was tainted by politics and that Siegelman’s 6 1/2-year prison sentence was too long for his crimes.

A panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in Siegelman’s bid to overturn his 2006 conviction in a corruption case.

Siegelman’s lawyer asked judges to let them get discovery about whether a U.S. attorney, with ties to GOP politics, was improperly involved in the case despite her recusal.

A Department of Justice lawyer said Siegelman is making an old argument that has already been rejected in the appeal of co-defendant Richard Scrushy.

A jury in 2006 convicted Siegelman of bribery and obstruction of justice.