Results are in on Alabama’s 2016 Mock Student Election, and it’s Trump

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – There are less than two weeks until the presidential election, but we already know who Alabama students have chosen in the 2016 Mock Election.  Alabama leans Republican and that holds true for the majority of students who voted on Tuesday, Oct. 25.

Donald Trump won the mock election handily. Of the 173,990 students who voted, Trump collected 43 percent of the vote, just more than 75,000 votes.  Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, had 38 percent of the vote, or 66,868 votes.

What you might say is surprising is Libertarian and Green Party candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson pulled in a combined 17 percent of the vote statewide.  Johnson finished third, with 9.88% of the vote, and Stein finished fourth, with more than 8 percent of the vote.

How did various schools vote?

Trump won some schools, including Sylvania and Collinsville High Schools. Clinton won others, including Weeden Elementary and Mountain Gap P-8.  Johnson even won a few, including Huntsville High and St. John Paul II Catholic High.  Stein won by a hair at Lauderdale County High.

All schools in Alabama were given the opportunity to participate, but only a small percentage did. If your child has talked about voting in the mock election, check the results on and search by county to find your school.

What can we learn from this?

The results are all over the place, and there were probably some innocent dares taking place.  “Hey… I dare you to vote for so-and-so.”  At least, that’s how this writer’s 11-year-old daughter described some of the conversations among sixth graders at her school.

Or, this may also show kids listen to Mom and Dad and what they’re talking about at home.  It’s no surprise many adults have said they’re not excited about voting for Trump or Clinton — maybe that’s why Johnson and Stein had such a strong showing.

Or, it’s a toss up.

Are the results of the mock election any indicator of how America will vote on Nov. 8? We’ll know very soon.