Rep. Brooks: Ferguson riots cannot rush justice

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- While the investigation into Mike Brown’s death continues, Alabama Representative Mo Brooks is sounding off about the demonstrations.

Brooks says that while emotions are tense, people need to remember that it will likely be months before any questions are answered — and that the federal government should act as a backup investigator.

“Should something go wrong with a state judicial system, that’s why we have a U.S. Attorney General, that’s why we have a Justice Department, that’s why we have the FBI,” said Brooks.

The representative says the federal government is failing to control protesters while the situation unfolds.

“What our federal officials need to be doing is urging our citizenry to be calm and to understand that the wheels of justice sometimes grind slowly but by and large they grind true.”

As protests continue, more people are getting arrested including one man from Huntsville. Representative Brooks says despite their anger, there is no excuse for violent behavior.

“Those types of people need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It is unsatisfactory for a citizen to take advantage of a judicial dispute for his own personal gain by destroying property and stealing from others.”

Brooks, a former Madison County District Attorney, says the Ferguson demonstrations cannot force a just resolution.

“We need to be patient, there are too many folks in Missouri who, for one reason or another, are jumping to conclusions without the full facts being known.”

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