Proposed State Law To Protect Guns Made And Sold In Alabama Generates Support, Could Lead To Federal Lawsuit

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A proposed state senate bill will prevent federal regulations from impacting guns that are manufactured, sold, and kept in the state.

Representative Mike Ball (R-10th District) says, “If a gun is manufactured in Alabama and it’s sold in Alabama, if there’s no interstate transaction, then why should the federal government be regulating it.”

Still some experts say the state legislature may be overreaching, the federal government could come back with a lawsuit under the supremacy clause.

Even supporters like Senator Bill Holtzclaw (R-2nd District) admit it could cause problems, “I’m certainly no constitutional professional.  I’m not a lawyer.  I’m just a common sense kind of guy, and I do think it’s going to be challenging.  No doubt from a legal aspect. I’m going to support legislation that’s introduced this legislative session regarding anything that will help protect our 2nd amendment rights.”

Senator Holtzclaw won’t be alone in his support.

Representative Ball says, “I think it’s pretty likely it will have strong support in the legislature.”

Some representatives in the state government see this as a way of beating back federal influence.

Sen. Holtzclaw adds, “In some instances, by Alabama taking the position that we have taken on some of these measures that have come out of Washington, we’ve asserted Alabama as the state that it is.  We recognize the federal government has a role as well as the state government has a role, and we’re not going to tolerate the federal government trampling on those rights.”

Rep. Ball adds, “I do think this is another step in trying to assert the 10th amendment, the rights of states to regulate things within their borders.”

Still even if the lawmakers do pass the law, its fate might be out of their hands.

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