Proposed bill would help Alabama breweries expand and specialize brews for certain locations

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – A bill introduced in the Alabama House of Representatives will make it easier and more affordable for breweries to expand.

“It gives everyone the opportunity to expand their footprint. It’s a win for the consumer because not only will they be able to enjoy their beer in Huntsville, and maybe next year they can enjoy it at the beach,” says Rocket Republic’s Warren Ward.

Ward says distributors are taxed differently than independent breweries and this bill would level the playing field.

“We’re paying fifty percent more than what the distributors pay as far as the taxes go,” says Ward.

Ward says without House Bill 151 they can’t transport any brews from one location to another, which makes a huge financial difference with Rocket Republic opening up a second location.

“Right now we’re going to have to brew all the beer at our location downtown. We won’t be able to transfer any from our production facility right here,” says Ward.

If the bill passes, your favorite beer will be able to be transported from one manufacturing place to another, freeing up space for unique brews to be offered at new locations.

“It’ll give us an opportunity to brew special beer downtown for the consumer and then move in our core beer,” says Ward.

Ward says brewers are raising their mugs across the state in support of this bill. “I think every brewer in Alabama supports this bill, no question.”

House Bill 151 is currently in committee.

Rocket Republic says they went ahead and took the jump to open up a second location, without this bill. They say their downtown location will be opening this summer.

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