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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – You will see even more campaign ads heading into next week’s runoff election between Roy Moore and Senator Luther Strange.

Moore and Strange are each spending the last full week before election day campaigning.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is expected to visit Huntsville to campaign for Luther Strange on Friday.

Now the National Rifle Association, which endorsed Senator Strange in May, is coming to Strange’s aid as he trails behind Moore in one poll, which released results Monday.

The organization plans to spend a lot of money in Alabama this week.

“The NRA has launched a seven-figure statewide campaign for Luther Strange. First TV ad began airing over the weekend on statewide cable and broadcast.”

The NRA is already firing away.

We dug into FEC filings and found:

  • On Sunday, the NRA Political Victory Fund spent a total of $786,536.73 on TV, radio, and internet ads for Luther Strange.
  • The Friday before, it spend another $7,429.04 on data matching and phone bank costs to assist the campaign.
  • On September 11, the NRA fund bought post cards and postage for a total of $79,824.78.
  • That’s a whopping total of $873,790.55 in just one week.

The NRA also released a new ad for the Strange campaign, just days ahead of the runoff.

We asked the Roy Moore campaign for a comment on the recent NRA spending, and as of Monday at 10 p.m. we had not heard back.

Moore has widely criticized Sen. Strange as part of the Washington establishment, and campaigned on a plan to “drain the swamp.”

The runoff election is Tuesday, September 26.