North Alabama legislative races on the ballot Nov. 4: Who’s running in your district?

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The general election is set for November 4th all across the state.  Are you curious what and who will be on the ballot? In addition to statewide and county races, Alabama voters will have the opportunity to vote on five statewide amendments.  We have sample ballots for counties in the Tennessee Valley.

You’ll see several statewide races on every ballot, including governor and lieutenant governor.  The governor’s race includes Republican Robert Bentley and Democrat Parker Griffith. For lieutenant governor, it’s Democrat James Fields against incumbent Republican Kay Ivey.  There are several other statewide races too.

State Senate Candidates by District:

District 1 (Lauderdale, Limestone, Madison) : Mike Curtis (D); Tim Melson (R)

District 2 (Limestone, Madison) : Bill Holtzclaw (R)

District 3 (Limestone, Madison, Morgan) : Arthur Orr (R)

District 4 (Lawrence) : Angelo “Doc” Mancuso (D); Paul Bussman (R)

District 6 (Colbert, Franklin, Lauderdale, Lawrence) : Roger Bedford, Jr. (D); Larry Stutts (R)

District 7 (Madison) : Bryan Bennett (D); Paul Sanford (R)

District 8 (DeKalb, Jackson, Madison) : Horace Clemmons (D); Steve Livingston (R)

District 9 (DeKalb, Madison, Marshall) : Clay Scofield (R)

District 10 (DeKalb, : Larry Means (D); Phil Williams (R)


State Representative Candidates by District:

District 1 (Lauderdale, ): Greg Burdine (D); Phillip Pettus (R)

District 2 (Lauderdale, Limestone): Andrew “Andy” Betterton (D); Lynn Greer (R)

District 3 (Colbert, Lauderdale, Lawrence) : Marcel Black (D); Fred Joly (R)

District 4 (Limestone, Morgan) : Micky Hammon (R);

District 5 (Limestone) : Henry A. White (D); Dan Williams (R)

District 6 (Limestone, Madison) : Phil Williams (R)

District 7 (Franklin, Lawrence, Morgan) : John Jody Letson (D); Ken Johnson (R)

District 8 (Morgan) : Rex Cheatham (D), Terri Collins (R)

District 9 (Marshall) : Ed Henry (R)

District 10 (Madison) : Mike Ball (R)

District 11 (Marshall, Morgan) : Randall Shedd (R)

District 18 (Colbert, Franklin, Lauderdale) : Johnny Mack Morrow (D); Gerry Wallace (R)

District 19 (Madison) : Laura Hall (D); A.J. Smith (I)

District 20 (Madison) : Howard Sanderford (R)

District 21 (Madison) : C. Terry Jones (D); Jim Patterson (R)

District 22 (Jackson, Madison) : Dennis W. Stephens (D), Ritchie Whorton (R)

District 23 (DeKalb, Jackson) : John Robinson (D); James T. “Tommy” Hanes, Jr. (R)

District 24 (DeKalb) : David Beddingfield (D); Nathaniel Ledbetter (R)

District 25 (Limestone, Madison) : Mac McCutcheon (R)

District 26 (DeKalb, Marshall) : Kerry Rich (R)

District 27 (DeKalb, Marshall) : Jeff McLaughlin (D); Will Ainsworth (R)

District 29 (DeKalb) : Michael J. Gladden (D); Becky Nordgren (R)

District 34 (Marshall) : David Standridge (R)

District 39 (DeKalb) : Richard Lindsey (D); Heath Jones (R)

District 53 (Madison) : Anthony Daniels (D); Christopher Horn (R)


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