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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin is at the confirmation hearing in Washington D.C. representing the National Sheriff’s Association.

“It’s certainly an honor to be able to come up and represent our National Sheriff’s Association,” said Franklin.

Franklin came to Washington D.C. to listen in to the confirmation hearing for senator Jeff Sessions, which began Tuesday morning. “I do think he was prepared today, both from his time and tenure in the senate, his time as a member of the judiciary committee. But what really came out today was his knowledge and experience in the law.”

It was a tough day, as sessions was grilled on a variety of topics. “It’s been very fair, very tough, encompass a broad spectrum from civil rights to state rights, second amendment issues. It’s been polite, but of course there have been some disruptions from protestors,” said Franklin.

“We feel like he understands the position of law enforcement. I’m hopeful with him at the helm of the DOJ that the direction towards law enforcement, and the rule of law in this country will take on a new direction, and we will be more focused with states’ rights and local and federal law enforcement in unison and see what the tenure is in the dialogue with law enforcement in their communities,” said Franklin.

The hearing for Sessions will continue Wednesday.