Mary Scott Hunter changes political plans, now running for State Senate

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -Mary Scott Hunter, current state school board member, says she has changed her political plans. She first reported in June that she planned to run for Lt. Governor of Alabama. Now, she’s shifting gears to the Alabama State Senate.

“The Lt. Governor job is a great title, the job is pretty undefined and everybody knows that, so you define it by how you run the office. But it`s important to me to be in a place where I can do really do important meaningful work,” Mary Scott Hunter explained.

She feels as though the District 7 seat is a better fit. “I feel like I know the people of this district very well, I`m familiar with what they want. I understand their goals. I understand what the needs are,” Hunter said.

She believes she would be an asset to the state senate. “They make important decisions about education and infrastructure, about jobs. You really want to be where you can be effective,” Hunter said.

She said her announcement may make voters uneasy, and it’s something she’s thought about. “I am suppose to be serving the people of District 7, regardless; you know of the hurt feelings and confusion if there`s any of that I do regret it and we will be working on that,” Hunter said.

Also running for the District 7 seat; Huntsville Real Estate Developer Nicole Jones, Retired Navy and local business man Jeff Still, and Lawyer Sam Givhan. Givhan is also The Madison County Republican Chairman.

We first noticed the change in Hunter’s campaign Facebook page, then we confirmed it with her directly.