Mark July 15th Down to Vote in Alabama’s Primary Runoff

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TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) – Many party races were decided Tuesday in the primaries, but some candidates will continue campaigning to try to win their runoffs.

A handful of state races, as well as county races, will appear on the July 15 ballots.

These races have runoffs:

-Secretary of State (R) – John Merrill and Reese McKinney
-State Auditor (R) – Jim Zeigler and Dale Peterson
-Public Service Commission, Place 2 (R) – Chris “Chip” Beeker and Terry Dunn
-State Senate District 1 (R) – Chris Seibert and Tim Melson
-Jackson County Revenue Commissioner (R) – Kathy Thompson and Shadrack McGill
-Lauderdale County Sheriff (D) – Augie Hendershot and Randal Haddock
-Lawrence County Commission District 1 (D) – Mose Jones, Jr. and Jesse Byrd
-Lawrence County Commission District 2 (D) – Prentis Davis and Jeff Byars
-Limestone County Commission District 1 (R) – James Shannon and Stanley Hill
-Madison County Superintendent of Education (R) – Matt Massey and Ronnie Blair
-Marshall County Revenue Commissioner (R) – Michael Johnson and Don Mitchell
-Marshall County Commission District 4 (R) – Jessie C. Swords and Tamey Hale
-Morgan County License Commissioner (R) – Sharon Maxwell and Carolyn Wallace
-Morgan County Commission District 2 (R) – Randy Vest and Thomas Halbrooks

If you voted Democrat on Tuesday, you can vote in the Republican runoff.  The Alabama Republican Party doesn’t have any restrictions on crossover voting.

If you voted in the Republican primary, you’re technically not supposed to vote in the Democratic party’s runoffs, because Democratic party rules prohibit it.  However, it’s not really enforced.

Here are election results from Tuesday, June 3.

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