Madison County Commissioners still working to draft noise ordinance

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Madison County residents are still waiting for their noise ordinance. Nearly six months ago during the general election, just over 65% of voters passed an amendment tasking county commissioners with creating a noise ordinance. But there still isn’t one in place.

When it comes to addressing noise complaints in Madison County, enforcement has always been an issue.

“In the past the county and the commission, we haven’t had any way to address that,” Commissioner Craig Hill said.

That’s why citizens voted for an amendment allowing commissioners to create a noise ordinance. But it’s been six months.

There are still noise issues. Since it passed on the ballot, 84 noise complaints have been called into the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. And there still isn’t much deputies can do. But Madison County commissioners hope that changes when the ordinance is put in place.

“We want some way that it can be measured that we know we can set some parameters it won’t just be open to interpretation,” he said.

Hill is part of a committee that was formed in January to draft the ordinance. He says the committee has been collaborating with the sheriff’s office and district attorney to create an ordinance that is enforceable.

Hill says the committee isn’t ready to announce what could be in the ordinance, but he mentions that they have had discussions about times.

“What’s reasonable as a time that would be enforced at night and then in the morning,” he said.

The committee is also taking input from constituents who have asked for them to make certain considerations.

“Loud music comes to mind,” he said.

He says they have been working slowly and carefully to make sure what they draft is in the public’s best interest.

Hill says it could still be a couple months before a noise ordinance draft is presented to the rest of the commission for a vote. Once the commission vote to pass the draft, it will go into effect immediately.

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