Madison City Council member raises questions about rec center developer

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) –  The Madison City Council addressed the plans to build a new rec center in Madison during Monday night’s meeting.

It seems there’s some disagreement on the validity of the partner the council is currently working with.

Last August the Madison City Council entered a Memorandum of Agreement with Fieldhouse, LLC to look into pursuing a new recreation campus.

Monday, District 6 Council Member Gerald Clark raised questions about that agreement, “I did some research on Fieldhouse LLC. They do not exist in the state of Alabama. At least they did not at close of business today. They have not registered with the secretary of state to pay taxes.”

Clark brought up the concerns ahead of a payment to Fieldhouse, LLC for $60,000 for program services related to the rec facility.

He adds, “I did find them in their parent state where they were supposed to be from, and they were listed as a dissolved company. So my question is: why are we paying a company that does not exist?”

However, Council President Tommy Overcash expressed his confidence in the developers, “Developers, even within Madison, every time they start a new subdivision there will be a new group to go together, and they’ll make a new LLC. So these businesses, they kind of come and go. There’s a group out of Tennessee that are doing similar stuff to what we’ll be doing down here. Obviously somewhere there’s a hiccup where they haven’t completed their paperwork or they haven’t filed it or they haven’t reported it. There’s some hiccup, but we’ve been talking to these people for a year and a half now. And so it’s not like it’s a new group of people that we’re not familiar with.”

Overcash notes he asked the city attorney to keep the council updated on the status of Fieldhouse LLC.

WHNT News 19 reached out to the city attorney, Council President Overcash, and Councilmember Clark on Tuesday.

We have not heard a final answer on Fieldhouse, LLC’s standing.

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