Lawmakers talk chances of lottery vote in 2020 session

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. –  This month marks 20 years since the people of Alabama last voted on a lottery. However right next door, our neighboring state Mississippi is set to begin selling tickets next month.

In the last four years, the Senate has passed two lottery bills that have ultimately died in the House. Lawmakers say that if there is going to be success, this time the bill needs to start in the House.

The lottery debate was supposed to dominate this past legislative session, but the bill didn’t survive.

“If there is going to be a lottery bill or some type of gaming bill, it may need to start in the House so that they can fix the problem and send it up to us to play with,” said Sen. Greg Albritton (R) Range.

State Senator Greg Albritton sponsored the most recent lottery bill in the senate.

“We need to get the House on board with whatever we are going to do, so that we can get something done,” said Sen. Albritton.

20 years ago, the people of Alabama rejected a lottery for the state. Speaker of the House Mac McCutcheon says attitudes toward a lottery are changing.

“A lot of your broader counties that boarder these states see people driving over getting lottery tickers, now their saying we need to keep this money in Alabama,” said Rep. Mac McCutcheon (R) Speaker of the House

Speaker McCutcheon says lawmakers will have to decide what type of lottery they would like to see in the state.

The Mississippi lottery will begin selling scratch-off tickets in November and has announced it will begin selling multi-state lottery tickets in January.

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