Lawmakers seek to create committee to vet Bentley impeachment merits


Gov. Robert Bentley (R-Alabama)

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — An Alabama legislator is seeking to create a new state committee that could vet the merits of impeaching Gov. Robert Bentley who last month admitted to making sexually charged remarks to a top female aide but denies a physical affair or misuse of his office.

Republican Rep. Matt Fridy introduced the proposal Wednesday and said he will seek a floor vote next week.

The proposal would create an investigatory committee that would be triggered any time 10 or more lawmakers sign articles of impeachment against a state official.

Fridy said his proposal has nothing to do with Bentley. He said lawmakers realized they didn’t know how to proceed after 11 lawmakers signed impeachment articles against Bentley.

The last attempted impeachment of a state official occurred in 1915.

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