Lawmaker: Common Core Opt-Out Bill Faces Uphill Battle In House

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT)-A bill introduced in the Alabama Senate that would allow school systems to opt-out of Common Core faces an uphill battle in the House, officials told WHNT News 19 on Friday.

Rep. Phil Williams (R-Huntsville) said support for Common Core is much stronger among his House colleagues, who may be reluctant to support an opt-out provision.

“We’re watching what the Senate does, obviously, these things are very important,” said Williams. “I’ve been informally working this, and I do not think we will pass a bill that rescinds Common Core or allows individual groups to opt out of Common Core.

Senate Bill 443 is a nine-page bill sponsored by Senators Beason, Glover, Sanford, McGill, Holley, Marsh, Ward, Hightower, Allen, Smith, Whatley, Pittman and Reed.  As of Thursday, it was listed in committee.

The proposal puts the opt-out provision in place for Common Core Math and English Language Arts standards that have already been implemented by many Alabama schools. It also calls for a three-year delay on implemenatation of all other Common Core subjects.

Critics have attacked Common Core as an inflexible one-size-fits-all approach that takes away both classroom innovation and local control over curriculum ( But Rep. Williams and other Common Core supporters say the arguments are not valid.

“There’s a lot of misinformation about Common Core,” said Williams. “Most things I do think should be local control. But when it gets to how I would say this is not a local control issue, education rankings go out state-by-state. We’re all in this together and we always have been.”

A vote on the Common Core opt-out bill could happen in the Senate as soon as next week.

Alabama implemented Common Core standards for math last school year, and is doing the same for English this year.


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