Jeff Sessions speaks at Madison County GOP Freedom Celebration

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke to Madison County Republicans on Tuesday.

It was one of the first public appearances for Sessions since he was fired by the president last year. Sessions had high praise for Huntsville, the state of Alabama, even the person who appointed and ultimately fired him, President Trump.

“I like to say a lot of people get fired in their work,” said Sessions. “Mine was a little more public than most.”

Men and women at the Jackson Center gave Sessions a warm greeting in Huntsville.

Last November, Sessions was fired by President Trump, who was upset by Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from what would become a two year inquiry into the 2016 presidential election.

“That question was never answered until it was too late for both of them once they got caught up in the fracas,” US Senate candidate John Merrill said. “And the response did not end up being beneficial to either one of them.”

Since stepping away from Washington, D.C., Sessions has seldom appeared publicly, but was invited to an evening fundraiser by Madison County GOP leaders.

“He’s helping us raise funds as well as donating,” Madison County republican party chairman Brad Taylor said.

“He’s been spending quality time with his children and grandchildren,” Merrill said. “They’ve been enjoying life and he’s earned that privilege.”

“From what the principles of our party are. And Trump, when I asked him, asserted it,” Sessions told the crowd. “That’s why I supported him and I still support him.”

Sessions praised both Huntsville and the state of Alabama in his over 30 minute speech. At no point did he hint at running for his former senate seat.

“To be able to carry your fight forward. I’m at peace and thank you for your friendship and God bless,” Sessions said.

Sessions was also presented with the Leo K. Thorsness Freedom Award by the Madison County Republican party.

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